Corporate #3




ally the flowers that feature in arrangements delivered for weekly displays are made with long lasting blooms such as native flowers (banksias, leucadendrons, proteas) or tropical blooms (anthuriums, heliconias, orchids). For one off function flowers, our florists tend to use more open, showy blooms as the flowers need to look their best for that evening.

Our highly sought after corporate service will enhance your office space, or place of work. Your staff, guests and clients will be made very welcome with our ever-changing quality flowers that always exceed expectations. Plant installation and maintenance, as well as faux flower arrangements are also on offer for those wanting a longer lasting option

The vase is a hire item & will be exchanged each week – pictured is the $100 corporate

Small $30-40 per week

Medium $50-60 per week

Large $70-100 per week

An account can be organised for a monthly invoicing for payment due in 7 days after receipt of your invoice.

Monthly statements will also be sent.